My Favourite Wooden Object

The Ashanti stool

Darren Appiagyei

The Ashanti stool is emblematic of Ghanaian culture. Known for its intricate design and curved seat, it’s a cultural artefact.

Being of Ghanaian descent, but born and raised in London, I always felt disconnected from my origins. As a result, l decided to make a stool inspired by the Ashanti stool for my degree show at Camberwell College of the Arts, where I studied 3D design.

The stool represents me and my heritage, with the traditional characteristics of the Ashanti stool ever-present. I decided to use British Pippy Oak based on the fact that it’s a wood found in Britain, but also because of its beautifully intrinsic clusters of small knots and durable nature.

The stool has a constant presence in my studio, where it acts as a reminder of my dual nationality. It is a form of inspiration.

Darren Appiagyei, Inthegrain