Bowater Chest of Drawers

Furniture & Product

Designer/manufacturer: Jan Hendzel Studio

Species: cedar, Douglas fir, ash (UK)

Bowater Chest of Drawers is part of a new furniture collection made exclusively with British timbers. The 9-piece collection is a celebration of British craftsmanship and natural homegrown materials and is a study into the untapped range and variety of timbers in the UK’s woodlands. Through marrying digital processes and traditional hand tooling, the range underpins the designer’s philosophy of embracing both methods to push boundaries. With sustainability at the heart of the studio, the collection has been designed to optimise the wastage produced. Smaller offcuts are used to create a range of accessories that support the function of larger pieces or work as decorative objects. Waste unsuitable for the studio is donated to, Men in Sheds, an organisation which encourages older men to come together in a comfortable space and carry out activities which benefit the local community. A signature ripple is a playful detail throughout the collection which emboldens the pieces with humour. Here, texture becomes functional, allowing objects to fit together snugly and forms an in-built modularity to the range. The studio has experimented to coin the term ‘baked’ ash and ‘baked’ sycamore, a new material process using thermo modification - a chemically-free heating procedure the timbers undergo, resulting in a new durable material. The drawers have a traditional half-blind dovetail construction with rebated cedar timber bases, complete with soft close runners. The top drawer hides a rippled liner that fits specially designed trays and catchalls to help compartmentalise your accessories. The signature ripple facade is digitally profiled from baked ash with hand-turned leg and handle details and a removable base.