Corso Tables + Benches

Furniture & Product

Designer: Dylan Freeth

Manufacturer: Ercol Furniture

Wood supplier: Adriadec SrL

Species: ash (Switzerland, Croatia)

These light and simple tables and benches are designed to fit comfortably and elegantly into everyday life. Each component and detail is essential. Corso retains the tactility and durability of Ercol classics but the sizes, forms, component assemblies and profiles have been modernised. Solid ash is used for its strength, distinctive grain, and ability to accept a wide variety of finishes. The V-shaped leg assemblies offer a distinctive elliptical cross section. 2D leg shapes are CNC machined head-to-toe and back-to-back to minimise waste. Legs are bandsawn apart and re-assembled via an extended reinforced comb joint. Final profile shaping and machining of the large tenon at the top of the leg is done on the 5-axis CNC router. This is glued into a mortice in the cross-bearers, with joints pegged by hand. All top panels have a tactile elliptical edge profile, highlighting that it is solid timber rather than a veneered board. This also gives the impression of a heavier panel than the thickness used. Tables disassemble for compact shipping. Benches are available with a fixed upholstered pad if required.