Cruz Del Sur

Furniture & Product

Designer/manufacturer: Matteo Fogale Ltd

Wood supplier: Amorim

Species: cork (Portugal)

Cruz Del Sur was born as a side table the designer created for a friend who wanted a piece with added functionality, such as cable management and shelves. The prototype table was first created in wood, but cork was adopted for production due to it being easier to manufacture and ship. Cork also requires less manual labour and is more sustainable due to it being CNC machined out of one sheet. Small leftovers from the CNC are used as packaging material so that there is no production waste. The simple yet functional table arrives flat-pack in a pizza style cardboard box and can be assembled in just a few seconds. The table can be put up and taken down infinite times without tools and without compromising the material. There are no screws needed in assembly, instead click-on fixtures fit the elements together. The piece works as a side table, nightstand or reading companion with a small shelf for books, glasses or clutter. The shelf is also structural. Every piece of the table is carefully considered to be an essential structural part with nothing superfluous.