Kingsland Dining Table

Furniture & Product

Designer: Gareth Neal

Manufacturer: Gareth Neal & Jan Hendzel

Client: The New Craftsmen

Wood supplier: G & S Timber

Species: English ash

The table is a reflection on the purity and simplicity of daily life discovered during lockdown. A shared stillness that appreciated when we were liberated from the pressure of travel and the constant longing to be somewhere better. Day in and day out, life revolved around the kitchen table. We ate, we worked, we chatted, we drew and dreamed. The designer’s making philosophy has always revolved around people, process, and place. In this instance, it was his family and his home. He set about designing a table that could sit comfortably within the family kitchen, that was bold enough to command the room but gentle enough to allow family life to play out on its surface. Through economy of form, simplicity of material and beauty in the detail, The Kingsland Dining table aims to deliver just that. This piece and the unique context that it was conceived within has highlighted importance of crafting thoughtfully designed pieces for the home, with functionality at the heart. The design process began with a focus on the joint detail being a necessary point of material connection, without detracting from the simplicity and purity of the overall design. The intention was to create a detail that was playful and distinctive but would not be detrimental to the strength of the joint. The result is an adaptation of the traditional mortise and tenon joint, with a mirrored curve enabling two rounds to come neatly together. The through tenon with end-grain detailing creates a break in the otherwise unembellished leg, allowing the natural beauty of the structure to do the work. The shallow-angled triangulated scarf joints create strength, requiring skill and craftsmanship to execute to perfection. The table frame is light enough for one person to carry.