OVO Chair Collection

Furniture & Product

Designer: Foster + Partners

Manufacturer: Benchmark Furniture

Wood supplier: Hardwood Sales

Species: European oak or American black walnut

The OVO collection is a tactile range of furniture that is characterised by the simplicity of form and a celebrates craftsmanship and materiality. The new OVO chairs suit a variety of settings, from office and commercial to domestic. The seat is designed in a modular fashion so that it can be replaced, with either a solid timber or upholstered version available as standard. The armchair combines 5-axis CNC machining with the highest level of craftsmanship to deliver an incredibly tactile piece with pillowed surfaces and gently bevelled edges. All components are machined from solid timber, with much care and attention given to the timber selection. Legs are turned, while the back is stacked and glued before being roughly shaped on the CNC. This is also the case for the seat and the underframe. After blanks are created, a second shaping occurs, before components are finishing by hand. The chairs are then assembled by hand and hand finished with low-VOC natural oils.