Location: Bristol

Architect: SNUG Homes Limited

Client: Homemade (Pickwell) Limited

Structural engineer: Milner Associates

Main contractor & joinery: SNUG Homes Limited

CNC joinery: The Real Wood Project

Materials consultancy: Materials in Mind

Service engineers: CC-BE

Wood supplier: Arnold Laver, James Latham, Sydenhams, Pasquill Ltd, Martin Osborne Ltd

Species: spruce, birch ply, poplar ply, engineered oak, larch, Valchromat, Panelvent, pine (Europe)

This SNUG home is the first of its kind and challenges the idea of what a house is. It is a community-built, offsite, modular, and net zero-carbon home. The two-storey 44m2 one bedroom, one person home has such a small footprint that it can fit neatly into back gardens or leftover plots to help provide affordable new homes and improve urban areas. SNUG offers an alternative to an apartment, providing flexibility and outdoor space within a recognisable house design. The home is built upon the principles of being natural, low-impact, super-energy efficient and great to live in. The design also achieves PassivHaus levels of performance. Materials were selected for their environmental impact and the credentials of their manufacturers were considered. Local suppliers were prioritised to reduce delivery miles. The project required a local production space, using an empty local authority building and yard. From there, training programmes were run for the local community and the main modules were built with local volunteers. SNUG Homes provided free training with some locals taken on as employees for the duration of the project. Timber is central to the design as the structure, cladding, windows, and internal finishes. The home is constructed from four timber framed volumetric modules which were lifted onto the plot in two days. Beautifully simple structural timber rings create clear, flexible spaces within the home, built using off-the-shelf I-beams and simple hand tools. Every part of the home is either useful to the resident or contributes to its performance.