T01 Cross Chair for TAKT

Furniture & Product

Designer: Pearson Lloyd

Manufacturer: TAKT

Species: oak (Latvia)

T01 Cross Chair has been designed with a deep respect for Danish design tradition, embodying its principles of craft, simplicity and elegance whilst embracing the economy and convenience of flatpack furniture. Its full life cycle was considered throughout the design process, keeping sustainability in mind at every stage. By cutting through supply-chain complexity, saving on shipping costs, and avoiding unnecessary processes, the customer has access to a superior quality product without compromising on affordability or sacrificing ethics. Arriving as just four pieces of timber and six screws, the chair requires minimal instructions and a single Allen key. Assembly is intuitive and free from the usual flat-pack frustration. The chair can be stacked four at a time and offers a variety of aesthetic possibilities, with lacquer and upholstery to complement any interior. The frame is made from solid oak while the seat and back are made from plywood. The surface is coated in a thin water-based lacquer, which emphasises the wood’s texture and enables quick cleaning. This sophisticated design, techniques and materials highlight the great design potential for mass-production pieces.